LED TV under Rs. 25000 in India (Showing 1160 Products)

Popular LED TV under Rs. 25000 in India

Name Price
Sanyo XT 43S8100FS 43 inch Smart Full HD TV Rs. 22,499
SANYO XT 49S7100F 49 inches Full HD LED TV Rs. 24,999
LG 32LJ573D 32 inch Smart HD TV Rs. 22,540
Sanyo XT 49S8100FS 49 inch Smart Full HD TV Rs. 24,499
Onida 43FIS 43 inch Smart Full HD TV Rs. 21,599
Panasonic 32 inches HD LED TV TH 32C300DX Rs. 24,900
Micromax 40 inches Full HD LED TV 40BFK60FHD Rs. 23,499
Samsung 32M5100 32 inch Smart Full HD TV Rs. 21,599
Micromax 40A6300FHD 40 inch Full HD TV Rs. 21,645
Sanyo NXT XT 49S7200F 49 inch Full HD TV Rs. 22,499
CloudWalker CLOUD TV 43SU 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Rs. 22,499
CloudWalker 50SF 50inch Smart Full HD TV Rs. 24,499
TCL D2900 L43D2900 43 inch Full HD TV Rs. 21,599
Micromax 40 inches Full HD LED TV 40B5000FHD Rs. 23,990
Philips 32 inches HD LED TV 32PFL3738 Rs. 20,700


LED TV offering by various brands under INR 25,000


The less than 25000 price range for LED TVs constitutes the lower segment and best suited for the ones who are migrating from a standard colour TV to LED TV. Most brands offer HD display for LED TVs below Rs. 25000 while few brands like Intex, Micromax & Haier offer Full HD display in this price range but with smaller display size. The standard screen size in this category is 32 inches. Few brands like Camry, Intex & Haier offer 40” but Micromax, Vu and Sanyo wants to pip ahead of the competition with a 43” screen size offering which is really grand for this price segment.


Only few brands like Panasonic, Onida & Videocon comes with Smart LED TVs under 25000 but they have limited their Screen size to 32”. While Videocon Smart LED TV with Android Kit Kat OS with Quad core processor ensures faster processing and seamless access of Wi-fi, Panasonic in the same segment also comes with 10W X 2 speakers to provide better audio quality. Onida’s Smart TV with similar features comes with 15W x 2 speakers but their screen size is slightly smaller with 31.5”

Brands like Sony and Samsung has limited offerings in this segment compared to other brands like Micromax , Vu & Panasonic where their offerings are quite diversified to cater to the needs of the customers. It is left to the Buyer’s choice to either go for larger screens with better display or compromise on screen size and goes Smart with wi-fi features.


Different Brand TVs available under Rs. 25000:


Micromax  has the maximum of 66 LED TVs listed under 25000 where as LG has 64, Videocon has 50, Intex has 42 and Onida has 42 LED TVs listed under 25000. Other makor brands which have listed TVs under 25000 include Panasonic (37), Haier (33), Sansui (33), Philips (32), Mitashi (28), Samsung (26), Lloyd (25), Noble (21), AOC (16), Sony (16), and Toshiba (14). IGrasp (13), Vu (12), Nacson (11), Beltek (10), Intec (10), Salora (10), Svl (10) and Weston with 10 LED TVs under 25000 are other brands which have a presence in this price range.


Currently 1160 LED TVs are available under 25000 in the price range of Rs. 4949 to Rs. 24999. LED TVs are available under 25000 from Samsung, Sony, LG, Micromax etc. at Best Prices to choose from. Out of the 1160 LED TVs listed here, 549 come with HD display and 177 come with Full HD Display.


TVs under Rs. 25000 listed Size wise:


There are 83 TVs with 22 inch screen under 25000. The other screen size variants of TVs available under the price point mentioned in this page include 24 inch (134), 28 inch (28) and 32 inch with a maximum number of 278. There are 40 forty inch TVs as well as 8 nos. of 43 inch TVs available under the twenty five thousand range. We have made the listing of all TVs in this page in the bestselling order so that you can find the best 40 inch led tv under 25000 or any other search criteria with ease.