Apple Laptops Price List. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Price (Showing 57 Products)



About Apple Laptops:


If you are the one who has an eye for quality and obsessed with innovative technology, then Apple would be the brand to look for. The cutting edge technology is coupled with world class after sales service like knowledgeable tech support and supportive warranty. Across product variants Apple Laptops consists of well-designed key boards, good touch pads & healthy battery life. All of these make Apple Laptop the “Best Laptop Brand” of 2016.


Apple Laptops are basically of two genres, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. MacBook Pro laptops are full-fledged Apple Laptops with better processors, gaming features and a better screen which comes in bigger sizes. MacBook Air series consists of smaller laptops and lesser quality screens. Later models of MacBook Air and Pro are provided with Mac OS X Yosemite and come with either Intel Core i5, i7 or Core M processors.


Beyond technical know-how, another area where apple stands to score is their design. The design and look which they offer understanding the customer requirements of ‘going light’ makes them stand ahead of the crowd. Their software continues to be their USP with offerings like iWork suite, iMovie, Garage band and Photos. The iWork package on any day can give a tough fight to Microsoft OS.


If you need to go light then there are options like 11.6-inch & 13.3-inch Mac Book Air but you may need to just forego on high resolution displays. A pound heavier, 13-inch & 15-inch Mac Book Pros provides powerful performance and offers laser sharp retina displays which are the latest trending needs. The 12-Inch MacBook Air has a high resolution retina display and the lightest amongst all Apple offerings but its single port offering & expensive price tag is a point of concern amongst few Apple lovers.


The company provides a standard 1 year warranty but the servicing options are a plenty. The consumer can walk in to the nearest apple store or mail the product for which shipping charge is borne by the company. Easy replacements are mailed to the customer along with a manual for better understanding. The company has always focused on their offerings to cater to the mid and high segment customers. A few additions to the low segment will provide the customer with various options to choose and they can further cement their place in the leader board.


Currently 35 Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Laptops are available in the price range of Rs. 60991 to Rs. 229990.