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Intel 7th Gen ‘Kaby Lake’ Processors: A Step into the Future


Intel’s new family of processors has already been teased and we can expect devices to house the same by the end of 2016. These 7th gen powerhouses are better known as Kaby Lake chipsets and offer several improvements over their immediate predecessors Skylake processors. While nothing much has changed in terms of system architecture, performances have now been beefed up. Some of the key highlights include better video decoding, seamless gaming and power efficiency.


You can find the latest Intel 7th Generation laptops Price List in India on 2019 Oct 17th in this page. With Intel 7th Gen processor, (also known as Kaby Lake Processor) Intel is focusing more on the Experience rather than power. Importance is given to video and virtual reality and now the user will be able to stream multiple 4K videos and can experience 360 degree videos. Virtual as well as augmented reality applications also will run better with the new 7th Gen processor from Intel.


Here is a detailed overview of the 7th Gen processors from Intel:



Intel 7th Gen Processors hardly offer an improved architecture over the 6th gen counterparts. While the orientation of cores hasn’t been refined, we still get better performances owing to the revamped transistor channels. This actually improves the microarchitecture without having to drastically work on the basic chipset design.



Intel 7th Gen Processors do make for faster devices with reports suggesting a 12 percent performance hike as compared to the Skylake CPUs. This figure is actually true for the 7th gen, i7 processor. Apart from an internal performance boost, the Kaby Lake processors also boast of a 19 percent uptick in terms of web browsing performances.


Intel claims that users will be able to play high-end games like Overwatch with only integrated graphics and that too at 720p. Moreover, with 7th gen chipsets and a compatible AMP for graphics, users can readily play the most demanding games at 4K resolution with minimal frame drops.


Video Playback:

We get a new video engine with the Intel 7th Gen Processors, offering the HEVC 10-Bit decoder. Using this, users will be able to play UHD and 4K videos with considerable ease.  Apart from that, Intel also beefed up the VP9 decoding prowess which makes multitasking way easier than before despite 4K videos running on the machine. If raw reports are to be believed, video highlights can be created 1.5 times faster than the 6th gen competitors. Finally decoding is way faster as it takes only 12 minutes for an hour of 4K UHD video to convert.


Power Efficiency:

We all know that the 6th gen processors could hardly achieve 4 hours while streaming high-res videos. However, the Intel 7th Gen Processors offer a steady backup of up to 7 hours for laptops and 2-in-1s. While this figure is for 4K 360-degree videos, the limit goes up to 9 hours and 30 minutes for simple 4K streaming.


Other Enhancements:

With Intel 7th Gen Processors on-board, the laptops are bound to get better in terms of output and performances. Intel has integrated the Turbo Boost 2.0 with the new breed of chipsets and this technology aims at managing power and performance of the concerned device. Faster output is now possible with the introduction of Hyper-Threading technology which gets a ready boost.  The main highlight has to be the ‘Speed Shift’ technology which allows the CPU to identify the best possible operating frequency which in turn optimizes efficiency and performance.

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