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Sony Playstation 4 PS4

  • Brand : Sony
  • Model : PS4
  • Processor : 86-64 AMD Jaguar 8-cores
  • Graphics : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine GDDR5 8GB

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Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Overview

Sony PlayStation 4: Skewing up the Gaming Experience

Gaming has turned mature and it’s time we get our hands on the real deal, best suited for turning up the heat. While the PS3 sounded pretty good initially, it faded with other high-end devices coming into the scheme of things. Sony’s latest tryst with extreme gaming needs has paved the way for the elusive PS4 which is slated for the November release and we are quite sure this Christmas is going to see the champions evolve. The aim this time over is to deliver a real-time performance with better detailing and the exceptional video streaming application, suited for most consoles. If next generation gaming is what you are looking at then placing you bets on the PS4 won’t be such a bad option.

We would be putting the artifacts in an exhaustive manner which comes in handy for most customers who were highly enthused regarding this launch. Our main aim would be to give away most of the hardware specifications in addition to the box inclusive items. As we gear up to the release, dazzling graphics are duly expected whereas the logical and highly simplified interface would make gaming fun. A fantastic controller does make the cut whereas the additional applications do boost the entire experience considerably. One could have done better with the DLNA compatibility but we suppose the firmware update would add to the robust media playback mechanism in days to come.

Peeping into the Box:

We all were curious as what would be in the box and Sony craftily made use of this intrigue in setting up the perfect platform for the enthusiasts. Be it the power cord or the 6-foot cable especially dedicated for getting the HDMI output, the box includes most of the needed stuffs besides certain innovative additions as well. The Dual Shock 4 controller is something which has been included with this latest version and the availability of the Micro-USB cable is something to look forward to. This readily charges the Dual Shock 4 controller whereas one can also make use of the monoaural earbud for listening and participating in online chat sessions. While the earbud plugs into the Dual Shock controller directly, the 3.55mm standard plug can also act as the included headphone.

Knowing PS4 better:

This device unlike the PS3 won’t be available in any other configuration but for the 500GB model. While the price is considerably lesser than the Xbox One, PS4 does miss out on the camera and voice controlled peripherals. One can still buy these on adding a few bucks and the final cost comes up to be at par with the Xbox One. For the early adopters Sony did throw in a few additional perks in Unlimited Music streaming and a month-long Network plus subscription. We did find a few downloadable games especially for the PS4 in Contrast and Resogun, but even as we speak the list keeps on growing, thus adding better functionality and a prudent scope for the gamers who are often cramped for cash.

The Hardware:

Although PS4 comes as a smaller variant as compared to Microsoft’s innovation, the power packed performance shall never be undermined. The dimensions are quite manageable and this gadget can easily be included with other household essentials without taking up much space. The best part however remains to be the 8GB of flash memory or the DDR5 RAM.  Being a performance oriented hardware, this delivers astounding speed and manages one to indulge into non-stop gaming for hours. The chipset sported is also an enthralling one as the low-power JAGUAR makes an entry. This x86-64 octa-core chipset is a highly efficient one and makes high-end gaming virtually effortless. Benchmark scores have rated PS4 as an innovation and not a mere modification to the PS3 as the graphic performance has also been boosted with the 1.84 TFLOP processor of AMD Radeon make. Better known as the Next Engine, the device can readily boast of an astounding specs sheet while the fine print may not go down well someone who is more inclined on aesthetics. Be it the sizeable 500GB support or the availability of the latest Wi-Fi support, PS4 lives up to every single expectation with extreme detailing. While we look ahead to the Firmware upgrade one may expect Bluetooth enabled headsets to be supported as well just like the Dual Shock 4 controller and the Move motion controller.


Although we wantonly barged into the design cues just to take the aesthetic looks into the gameplay, we did come across the striking designs with every angle being etched out with extreme carefulness. USB 3.0 ports are included whereas one finds support for the 6x Blue-Ray playback. Eject buttons and touch-sensitive power tabs are included whereas the simple interface and the standard power connector also make the cut. HDMI input can be seen whereas analog outputs are found to be missing. Power on and off modes are easily accessible and the top surface lives up to the expectations with a glossy layout followed by the matter finish.


Honestly the entire game-playing performance feels top-notch with better graphics and the high-end processor. Cross platform entities do falter a tad bit as it is the case with Assassin’s Creed but the PS4 exclusives namely the Shadow Fall and KillZone look brilliant. The next generation port treatment is what makes the backbone of this device and the Dual Shock 4 controller readily spices up the overall experience. Be it the Dynamic menus or the Double tap support, PS4 readily integrates every aspect with seamless ease.

The Dual Shock 4 Controller:

This is what turns up the heat rather perfectly as the improvised realization settles for nothing less than sheer brilliance. The familiar PlayStation makes a reentry whereas the audio outlet is something for the future. Stereo Quality sounds are supported as the controller comes up with multiple tweaks and several game-playing settings. All the buttons are strategically placed and the two rumble motors localize the vibration with considerable ease.  With four individual motion sensors this is one great option for the enthusiastic flock.


With the PlayStation Now and better streaming options thrown in, 2014 looks quite a good year for the PS4. While the interface looks near perfect, the fabled dynamic menu is what comes as one elusive feature. Do go for this if you are completely into gaming and this gadget won’t disappoint even a tad bit.

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Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Specifications

Detailed Specification
+ General Specifications
Brand Sony
Model PS4
Processor 86-64 AMD Jaguar 8-cores
Controllers Wireless motion controllers
Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g
MotionGaming Yes
*Specifications & Colors are given for reference only. Please check with the seller before buying.

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