TCL TV Price List in India (Showing 35 Products)

Popular TCL TV Price List in India

Name Price
TCL 55C2US 55inch Smart Ultra HD TV Rs. 57,499
TCL L32D2900 32 inches HD LED TV Rs. 11,699
TCL L43P2US 43 inch 4K Ultra HD TV Rs. 29,499
TCL iFFALCON 32F2 Smart HD TV Rs. 9,449
TCL iFFALCON 40F2 40inch Smart Full HD TV Rs. 14,399
TCL L65P2MUS 65 inch Android Smart Ultra HD TV Rs. 79,999
TCL 32S4 32 inch Smart HD TV Rs. 17,699
TCL L49P10FS 49 inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 30,499
TCL D2900 L43D2900 43 inch Full HD TV Rs. 21,599
TCL 43P2US 43inch Smart Ultra HD LED TV Rs. 29,499
TCL 43S4 43 inch Full HD TV Rs. 25,999
TCL C48P1FS 48 inches Curved Smart Full HD LED TV Rs. 32,499
TCL 39D2900 39inch Full HD TV Rs. 17,820
TCL 24D2900 24inch Full HD TV Rs. 8,549
TCL L55C2US 55 inch Smart Ultra HD TV Rs. 57,499


TCL TV Price List in India


TCL is well renowned brand and has presence in many countries globally. They are the world’s third largest manufacturers of TV. This Chinese brand is making good in roads outside China and now termed as the fastest growing brand in United States. Their global presence coupled with high production capacity help them to offer all of their variants at reasonable pricing.


They have recently made in-roads in India. Understanding the huge consumer market they have strategically priced their products economically which address the buyers who are price conscious. TCL has partnered with ROKU for their Smart TV offering which is well received globally. Indeed they have won few awards in their Smart TV segment. To name a few, TCL was named the Best TV of 2014 by PC Mag ; Editor’s Choice Awards in 2014 & 2015. “WIRED” has commented “the first smart TV worth using


TCL stands out in their innovation with 35 research facilities across the globe. Quantum Dot Technology is an offering from their research labs which helps providing stunning colour and contrast. The 110 inches world’s largest curved TV stands testimony to their innovation.


TCL TV comes in various sizes from 28 inches to 65 inches with a budget friendly price. Some of their fast moving models are TCL L43P1US & TCL C48P1FS. If the buyer is not very specific about varied features and too very price conscious then TCL would be the best bet.


TCL TVs: Power-Packed Performers that Come Cheap


TCL’s lineup of TVs isn’t start studded but can certainly do the job of entertaining the user. These devices are priced nominally and pack in a wide-array of basic to premium specifications. Most of these televisions boast of decent acoustics and great viewing angles followed by a smart interface on some premium models. In the subsequent sections, we will now be addressing the specs sheet associated with TCL TVs, in detail:


Display and Interface on TCL TVs


TVs from TCL flaunt diverse screen sizes— ranging from 24-inch panels to the 55-inch displays. In terms of resolution, TCL comes forth with HD displays for the less-expensive models and Full HD resolution for the mid-range units. The premium devices flaunt 4K UHD panels, mostly with a Smart Interface. TCL boasts of decent viewing angles which can certainly justify the price point. Moreover, most TCL TVs are sturdy and easy to install courtesy a handy mountable stand, clubbed with each unit.


Ports and Connectivity Options on TCL LED TVs


Most LED TVs from TCL come with the basic connectivity schemes including USB support and HDMI functionality. Apart from that, we also get the likes of PC IN and component video input on most models. The premium devices also boast of internet connectivity via built-in Wireless support and even MHL support for seamless file transfers.


Audio in TCL TVs


Two built-in speakers are existent on all TCL LED TVs but the overall audio output might vary significantly. While the low-end units offer two speakers of 5W each, the premium models can go up to 16 Watts, in terms of cumulative audio output. Other audio-centric specs include the likes of smart volume experience, multiple sound modes, amplified audio output and even an integrated sound box in some cases. Dolby Digital Plus technology is a common denominator for most televisions from TCL.


Video in TCL TVs


Some of the premium units boasts of an ultra-visual experience followed by adaptive backlit dimming, local dimming, multiple video modes and even true color reproduction. While the screen refreshes at a usual rate of 60Hz, contrast ratio varies according to the category under consideration. Basic models offer a ratio of 3000:1 while the high-end entities flaunt something in the range of 4000:1.


Other Features Available with TCL TVs


One can also purchase these LED TVs for a host of other notable specs include multi-lingual support, parental control, quick start functionality and video-on-demand services. While some features are exclusive to the premium gadgets, most features can also be seen on the basic HD televisions.


Availability of TCL TVs


One can readily purchase these gadgets from some of the leading ecommerce websites— clubbed with several mouth-watering deals and best-in-class feature sets.


TCL TVs Price


Most LED TVs from TCL are affordable and cater to a wide-range of budget requirements. The lowest model costs slightly less than 12K while the premium, 4K device sets us back at less than 50K with most high-end features on-board.


TCL TV India Customer Care:


TCL being a new brand to India, people are curious about the availability of proper customer care and after sales service or TCL TVs. All we can say is that Amazon is the exclusive seller for TCL TVs in India and you can contact them at 1800 419 0622 to clarify your doubts. There is not much information available online about the availability of TCL TV customer care centers in various cities in India.


Popular & Best Selling TCL TV Price List:


TCL TV Models



TCL L32D2900 32 inches HD LED TV Rs. 12990
TCL L55P1US 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Rs. 48990
TCL L40D2900 40 inches Full HD LED TV Rs. 20990
TCL L49P10FS 49 inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 34990
TCL C48P1FS 48 inches Curved Smart Full HD LED TV Rs. 37990
TCL L49D2900 49 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 30990
TCL L43P1US 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Rs. 31990
TCL 24 inches HD LED TV 24B2500 Rs. 11990


We have listed a total of 35 TCL TVs in this page from Rs. 8549 to Rs. 138585. TCL is a popular American Brand launched recently in India.


TCL TV Price List in India