55 inch TV Price List (Showing 150 Products)

55 inch TV Price List on 2017 Aug 22nd

Do you need a 55 inch TV? 55 inch TVs are in the bracket of very large TVs compared to Indian standards, but are becoming popular. Most of the brands listed in this page offer 55 inch TVs in their portfolio. The recommended viewing distance for TVs which are 55 inch in size should be 7 to 12 feet for a 1080p TV. Depending on the screen resolution, the viewing distance can vary. So you have to have a big room to accommodate a big 55” inch TV.

Expected Screen resolution in a 55 inch TV:

Minimum screen resolution for large 55 inch TVs available in the market is full HD and it is expected because a high resolution is needed to fill in the big screen size for providing good viewing experience without blurry and dotted screen. You can have 4H Ultra HD TVs also in the 55" range. It is to be noted that almost all 55 inch TVs available today are LED TVs, but with different resolutions. So most likely you will end up buying a 55 inch LED TV.

Low Cost 55 inch 4K TVs & Full HD TVsPrice
Wybor 55MS164K 55 inch Android 4K Ultra HD TV Rs. 45,990
TCL L55P1US 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Rs. 48,990
Vu Iconium 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV LTDN55XT780XWAU3D Rs. 57,990
I Grasp 55 inches Android Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV Rs. 58,090
LeEco Super3 X55 55 inches Android 4K Ultra HD TV Rs. 59,790
LeEco L553L2 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Rs. 59,790
Mitashi MiDE055V22 FS 55 inch Android 4K Ultra HD TV Rs. 59,990
Sansui SNA55QX0ZSA 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Rs. 66,681
VU 55 Inches Full HD Ultra Slim LED TV 55K160 Rs. 43,900
Vu 55K160GAU 55 inches Full HD LED TV Rs. 45,500
Intex LED 5500 FHD 55 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 45,950
Vu 55 inches Smart Full HD LED TV 55UH8475 Rs. 46,200
Videocon 55 inches Full HD LED TV VMD55FH0Z Rs. 47,000
Micromax 55T1155FHD 55 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 48,990
Haier 55 inches Full HD LED TV LE55M600 Rs. 50,550
Mitashi MiDE055v02 55 inch Android Smart Full HD TV Rs. 52,900

Importance of Refresh Rate in 55 inch TV:

One important factor which is often overlooked in a 55 inch TV at low cost is its Refresh Rate. We advise you to go for at least 100Hz refresh rate because otherwise it can avoid motion blur in live action in sports and movies. The response time will not be a problem with even 60Hz but be specific about the motion blur aspect.

Brands which sell 55 inch TVs:

If you are looking to buy a 55” TV, we recommend to go for established brands like Sony, Samsung or LG if your budget allows you. Next in the list come Toshiba and Panasonic which are also popular brands and which are dependable. Indian manufacturers like Vu, Videocon, Micromax, Intec and I Grasp also have introduces 55 inch YVs, but be wary of the after sales service and quality of the product. You can find total of 150 TVs with 55 inch LED screen available from Rs. 39990 to Rs. 492871

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