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  • iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6.
  • It has a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor and 1 GB RAM.
  • It has 4 Inches Screen.
  • It has a 8 MP Rear Camera and 1.2 MP Front Camera.
  • iPhone 5 has 3G Connectivity.
  • The Phone is powered by Li-ion 1440 mAh standard battery with Up to 8 hours Talktime.

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iPhone 5 Review

  • Advantages: Apple iPhone 5 has become more contemporary with a larger screen, has latest Apple iOS 6.
  • Disadvantages: iPhone 5 cost is on the higher side and talk time is not sufficient. Lack of External memory is a minus and so is the Dual core processor instead of a Quad core one. There's only 1 GB RAM where as the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has 2GB RAM. The phone lacks NFC too.
  • iPhone 5 is competing with phones like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. We have given a comparison option at the bottom of this overview where we have compared iPhone 5 with similar phones.
  • Apple has made iPhone 5 more stylish and it comes with a dual core Processor and the latest iOS 6. 
  • iPhone 5 has a larger 4 inches screen with Retina display, improved 16:9 aspect ratio, an improved 1,136×640 pixels resolution with 326ppi. But keep in mind that this screen is not the ultimate since you can see better resolution screen in phones like Galaxy Note 2, HTC Butterfly etc..
  • The New Apple A6 chipset is twice as fast with double the graphics performance according to Apple and it delivers a good performance. But the availability of only 1GB RAM makes the phone slower in front of other recent smartphones which boasts of 2GB RAM. The 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor along with PowerVR SGX 543MP3 GPU is quite efficient but not on par with that of Galaxy Note 2 and the like.
  • The new improved iOS 6 operating system, is good to work with Safari. But we should say that allowing Google Maps has made the pbone more valuable since the Apple Map was a disapointment.
  • Camera in iPhone 5 is almost same as that was available in iPhone 4S. The 8MP camera is one of the best cameras with smartphones which can take very brilliant shots. The camera can shoot videos at 1080p at 30fps which amount to HD videos with stunning clarity.
  • Siri voice support has improved a lot, but not for Indian customers, which is another big let down. The App store still remains as the biggest draw in iPhone 5.
  • Overall we feel that there is nothing much new in this phone compared to iPhone 4S which warrants an upgrade.
  • Compare Apple iPhone 5  with iPhone 4SGalaxy S3Galaxy Note 2Nokia Lumia 920 & HTC 8x.

User Reviews

Reviews for iPhone 5 (3 Reviews)

Reviewed on 29-09-2012
iPhone 5 is creating lot of hype, but I find this phone overpriced
Reviewed on 29-09-2012
No Onboard NFC, No Simultaneous 4G calling and Data connectivity, Price is also high
Ajesh Pankith
Reviewed on 29-09-2012
Iphone 5 is definitely much better than iPhone 4S and is unique with its aluminium body, a superior OS and its overall built quality. Its display also needs to be mentioned here. But Apple could have come up with a Quad-core processor like Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and HTC One X and it makes me feel that iPhone 5 may run a little slow compared to these phones. The camera has been improved compared to the iPhone 4S, but apple maps really needs some improvement if it has to be considered useful. On the price front also iPhone 5, according to me falters in front of the much better Android competitors. Apple says it is the thinnest, fastest and lightest iPhone ever, but I would surely compare it with other Android phones as well with regard to price and performance. Galaxy S3 with price hovering around Rs. 33000/- in India is more value for money than iPhone 5. I will leave iPhone 5 for those Applephiles who does not care about the price as long as the product is from Apple.


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