Intel Core i5 Laptops Price List in India (Showing 811 Products)



Intel Core i5 laptops: Availability and Price


If you are looking to buy a core i5 laptop, you have reached the right place since we have compiled all available Core i5 laptops and displayed in this page with wide price range and an option to compare prices. Intel Ci5 Laptops were used to be in the top bracket in the price range, but now you can see that they are available from Rs. 35490. Being at the mid spectrum with regard to specifications, you can expect at least 4GB of RAM in these laptops. Size and resolution can vary for the screen, but expect minimum HD resolution. You can also find different options among the ci5 laptops with regard to the operating system with Linux or DOS preloaded to those with pre-installed Windows 10 OS.


 Core i5 Laptops Brand Wise:


If you are interested in Dell Core i5 laptops, there are a total of 220 of them for you to choose from. The number of HP core i5 laptops number at the time of writing is 214 while there are 164 Lenovo core i5 Laptops and 64 Asus core i5 laptops, 45 Acer core i5 laptops available in addition to the 28 Apple core i5 laptops.


Price range for Intel Core i5 Laptops:


At the time of writing, there are 634 Core i5 laptops under Rs.60000 while there are 441 core i5 laptops under Rs.50000 are available. Likewise, core i5 laptops under Rs.40000 amount to 303 and core i5 laptops under Rs.40000 are 150 in numbers. In the budget price range, there are 38 core i5 laptops under Rs.35000,  14 core i5 laptops under Rs.30000 and 5 core i5 laptops under Rs.25000 are available.


If you are interested in knowing how many Core i5 laptops are available with Nvidia Graphics Processor, there are 285 of them which are available in the price range of Rs. 24289 to Rs. 124990.


Currently a total of 472 Intel core i5 Laptops are available in the price range of Rs. 35490 to Rs. 159990.