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Popular Sansui LED TV Price List

Name Price
Sansui SMC40HB21CAF HD LED TV Rs. 23,900
Sansui SNA55QX0ZSA 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Rs. 69,200
Sansui SNE32HB18X 32 inch Smart HD LED TV Rs. 18,900
Sansui SNC55CX0ZSA 55 inch Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Rs. 119,990
Sansui SNA43QX0ZSA 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Rs. 39,990
Sansui 32 inches Full HD LED TV SJX32HB 2C Rs. 14,649
Sansui 32 inches HD LED TV SJV32HH02FA Rs. 21,990
Sansui 40 inches Full HD LED TV SKW40FH11XAF Rs. 25,000
Sansui SNS40FB24C 39 inch Full HD TV Rs. 29,590
Sansui Connect SNE32HB12XAF 32 inch HD LED TV Rs. 17,500
Sansui SNX50FH24XAF 50 inch Full HD TV Rs. 46,531
Sansui SNE40HB23CAF 40 inch HD TV Rs. 31,000
Sansui SMX48FH21FA 48 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 35,000
Sansui 32 inches HD LED TV SJV32HH2FA Rs. 16,800
Sansui 32 inches Full HD LED TV SJX40FB 9XAF Rs. 26,800


Sansui LED TVs: Wide-Array of Gadgets to Keep You Entertained

If you are looking to purchase a Sansui LED TV, selecting the best gadget might be easy. The company offers a wide-range of options when it comes to zeroing on the perfect television. Moreover, the price range is pretty exhaustive as well. Here are the metrics which can help you with the purchase:


Display and Interface:

Like most LED TVs, a Sansui LED TV also comes in different sizes with the screen real-estate going up to 50 inches or more. Entry-level televisions are smaller in size and flaunt HD panels. On adding some extra cash, one can opt for Full HD devices with great viewing angles. One can also opt for 4K or UHD displays, based on preferences. Sansui also offers Smart TVs which are easy to work with, especially for the content mongers. Some users prefer curved screen displays but this choice needs to be made carefully. For less-expensive Curved screen TVs, you might lose out on important viewing angles. Unless, the company offers UHD resolution to supported the curved screen, flat panels make for better options.


Ports and Connectivity options:

Almost every Sansui LED TV comes with HDMI and USB ports, but high-end models do offer more than the usual figure of two ports for each. Three or more HDMI ports are not easy to find except the ones sitting atop the pecking order. Other specs like Wireless connectivity and web browsing are usually synonymous to the premium 4K models. However, most LED TVs from Sansui offer a headphone jack and other basic connectivity specs.


Audio quality in Sansui LED TVs:

Speaker output is actually reminiscent of the quality of the television but we do get two channel speakers on mostly every Sansui LED TV. The minimum acoustic output is 16W and we can go up to 32 Watts courtesy two built-in channel speakers on premium models. Other metrics to look at include Dolby surround audio support, DTS technology and other associated sound-based enhancements.  However, speaker placements play an important role while gauging the bass and even audio levels.


Video Quality in Sansui LED TVs:

Sansui LED TVs are known for exhibiting a wide-color gamut followed by a host of video modes. While most televisions offer a respectable refresh rate of 60Hz, we would be recommending something in the region of 120Hz for a hassle free viewing experience. These televisions from Sansui are best known for offering mega contrast ratio which is actually a pretty confusing metric.


Sansui LED TV Price:

Sansui LED TVs come at a competitive price point with the starting range being less than 9K. A Full HD display with respectable screen size might cost you somewhere between 30-50K. However, high-end televisions are also available as the highest price point is in the range of 190K— offering a 4K interface and 3D paneling.


Other Features:

While we have covered most of the basic features, some additional specs might also be looked at while purchasing a Sansui LED TV. These include Miracast and MHL connectivity, 3D displays and Soen Sound technology. Some users are also inclined towards Android powered gadgets with play store compatibility.


Availability of Sansui TV in different price range:

Sansui TVs price starts from below Rs. 9000/- and goes up to Rs. 190000/-. Here we have given an overview to show the different price ranges in which Sansui TVs are available in India.


Sansui TV under Rs. 9000 – 3 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 10000 – 9 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 12000 - 18 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 15000 - 29 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 20000 - 29 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 25000 – 33 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 30000 - 44 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 35000 - 46 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 40000 -53 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 45000 - 55 in number

Sansui TV under Rs. 50000 - 57 in number


Sansui TVs listed according to Screen Display Type:

There are 27 HD TVs, 27 Full HD TVs and four 4k TVs available from Sansui with screen size ranging from 20 inches to 55 inches and price ranging from Rs. 8600/- to Rs. 190000/-. This shows that Sansui has provided various options suiting different needs and budgets and it is very important for any brand TV to succeed in Indian TV market.


Some of the Popular Sansui LED TVs are listed below:

Sansui 24 inches Full HD LED TV SJC24FH ZMA - Rs. 12024
Sansui 32 inches HD LED TV SJV32HH02FA - Rs. 15899
Sansui 32 inches HD LED TV SJV32HH 2F - Rs. 15990
Sansui 32 inches HD LED TV SJX32HB02CAW - Rs. 15999
Sansui SJX32HB02CAF 32 Inch HD LED TV - Rs. 16500
Sansui 32 inches HD LED TV SJX32HBNF - Rs. 16990
Sansui 32 inches HD LED TV SJX32HB 2F - Rs. 22990
Sansui 40 Inches Full HD LED TV SMC40FB17XAF - Rs. 25000
Sansui 40 inches Full HD LED TV SJX40FB 11XAF - Rs. 27399
Sansui 40 inches HD LED TV SJX40HB21CAF - Rs. 29500
Sansui 32 inches Full HD LED TV SJX40FB 9XAF - Rs. 29999
Sansui 43 inches Full HD LED TV SKY43FH11FA - Rs. 31800
Sansui 42 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV SMN42QH0ZSA - Rs. 39600
Sansui SNA43QX0ZSA 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - Rs. 39990
Sansui 42 inches Android Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV Rs. 44000
Sansui 50 Inches Android Smart FULL HD LED TV SMC50FH - Rs. 46000
Sansui SNA50QX0ZSA 50 inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV - Rs. 54990

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