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About Samsung LED TV


Samsung has been the market leader in the TV segment for almost a decade and the reason for this is their wide range of TVs they offer across budget, mid and high-end segments. Based on the image quality they have categorized their TV’s as HD, Full HD, UHD & SUHD.


The price ranges for each of these categories vary between:

  • HD: INR 14,900 – INR 70,500
  • Full HD: INR 77,900 – INR 3,51,900
  • UHD: INR 1,20,900 – INR 28,00,000
  • SUHD: INR 1,72,900 – INR 23,99,900


Based on the purchase appetite of the individual, the TV category can be chosen. Another clue for the buyers would be the naming convention of their models. If you are wondering on how they have their naming conventions in place, below is a little insight around it

  • ‘F’ - Series – Year 2013
  • ‘H’ - Series – Year 2014
  • ‘J’ - Series – Year 2015
  • ‘K’ - Series – Year 2016


Samsung is currently promoting their ‘K’ series released during 2016. If you are the one who is not looking for the most recent version then ‘J’ series is the best buy, as they are heavily discounted compared to ‘K’ series. ‘F’& ‘H’ series are mostly withdrawn from the market to accommodate newer versions.


Considering the customer requirements, Samsung has always innovated themselves to provide more features in their TV’s. Based on the features they sub divide their TV’s into 4 categories as:


  • Joy Plus TV
  • Joy Smart TV
  • Smart Direct TV
  • Curved TV


A buyer can choose their TV based on their preference of features. Given the wide range they offer and the outstanding features which they provide in their TV Samsung continue to hold their number one position in spite of the slight premium in their rate card. If you are someone who looks for details and is not worried about spending the additional few bucks then Samsung TV’s are the best buy.


You can find a total of 173 Samsung LED TVs with price starting from Rs. 10321/- to Rs. 2540745/-. Bestselling Samsung TVs are listed first in the order to make it easy for you to find the best TV.

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