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Philips 49PFL4351 V7 49 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 49,900
Philips 50PFL6870 V7 50 inch Smart Full HD LED TV Rs. 42,499
Philips 22 inches Full HD LED TV 22PFL3758 Rs. 10,899
Philips 43PUT7791 V7 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Rs. 58,500
Philips 40 inches Full HD LED TV 40PFL5059 V7 Rs. 38,988
Philips 32PFL3931 V7 32 inch HD LED TV Rs. 15,490
Philips 39PFL3931 V7 39 inch HD LED TV Rs. 31,395
Philips 42 inches Full HD LED TV 42PFL5059 Rs. 42,000
Philips 50 inches Full HD LED TV 50PFL5059 V7 Rs. 49,499
Philips 24PFL4571 V7 24 inch Full HD TV Rs. 12,400
Philips 32 inches HD LED TV 32PFL5270 V7 Rs. 19,990
Philips 39PFL3951 V7 39 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 27,990
Philips 32PFL6370 V7 32 inch Smart HD LED TV Rs. 23,890
Philips 32 inches HD LED TV 32PFL3230 V7 Rs. 15,599
Philips 24 inches Full HD LED TV 24PFL3159 V7 Rs. 12,962


About Philips TV:


Philips being one of the pioneers in the television manufacturing industry, have adapted themselves well to the changing technology. Understanding the customer’s ever changing requirements they built their catalogue in order to serve all segments of buyers. Some of their unique features stands out and gives tough fight to their competition.


The recent launch of “Cinema 21:9” series is sure to provide a mind blowing cinematic experience. While most of the TV in the current scenario comes only with 16:9 format, this enhanced 21:9 format from Philips, makes every evening a film premiere at home.  Their Digital Direct Broadcast (DDB) technology helps to receive digital content directly from the satellite completely eliminating the need of a set top box and providing picture quality which is true to life. This also provides the customer the ease of operating with a single remote for TV and its digital content.


Yet another notable feature from Philips is the latest offering of “Ambilight technology”. The extra wide glow comes from the sides of the screen onto the surrounding walls giving the feel of a wider screen and provides an immaculate TV watching experience. They have been very aggressive in their product launches and year on year they have come up with new variants to match customer expectations.


There are many variants of TVs are available in all sizes and price ranges. Based on the image quality they have categorized their offerings into HD, Full HD, 4K Ultra HD & 4K Ultra - HD resolution. Constant innovation, quality offerings and pocket friendly prices make them a house hold name for the past few decades.


As of 2018 Sep 24th, a total of 92 Philips TVs are available from Rs. 8888 to Rs. 372500.


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