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Panasonic Viera TH 43ES480DX 43 inch Full HD TV Rs. 36,499
Panasonic TH W32E24DX 32 inch HD TV Rs. 14,499
Panasonic TH 40E400D 40 inch Full HD TV Rs. 25,499
Panasonic TH 40E400D 40 inch Full HD TV Rs. 25,499
Panasonic 55EX600D 55 inch Smart Ultra HD TV Rs. 97,990
Panasonic TH 32E460D 32 inch Full HD TV Rs. 17,999
Panasonic TH 49EX600D 49 inch Smart Ultra HD TV Rs. 83,990
Panasonic TH 24E201DX 24 inch HD TV Rs. 9,449
Panasonic TH 32ES480DX 32 inch Smart HD TV Rs. 18,499
Panasonic TH 43E460D 43 inch Full HD TV Rs. 30,499
Panasonic 22 inches Full HD LED TV TH 22D400DX Rs. 9,269
Panasonic TH 40D200DX 40 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 25,499
Panasonic W32ES48DX 32inch Smart HD TV Rs. 28,750
Panasonic TH 49E460D 49 inch Full HD TV Rs. 42,499
Panasonic TH 32D200DX 32 inch HD TV Rs. 20,500


About Panasonic TV:


This Japanese multinational conglomerate with close to 100 years in the global arena was ranked No.7 consumer Electronics Company in 2015. In the TV segment they are consistently in the top quadrant when it comes to market share. The above credentials itself is a testimony to their products. Understanding the consumer demands in Asia Pacific (APAC), they have recently set shop in India making it their regional hub for the APAC region.


Panasonic offers TV across all categories and a consumer has enough to choose from based on their preferences. The spent on their R&D has considerably increased and the resultant being their recent offerings are good compared to earlier versions. Panasonic TV has vastly improved on their image quality and the higher end models are a treat to your eyes.


Their Smart TV offerings are known as “Viera”. The Smart Viera version from the Panasonic cabinet is their most awarded TV. The Firefox OS gives a tough fight to LG’s WebOS. Smart features make “Viera” one of the most user friendly products. Special features like ‘swipe & share 2.0’ for easy linking of TV with smart phone, ‘my home screen’ gives instant personalized access & ‘voice interaction’ provides the ease of accessing the TV at the comfort of your couch.


Panasonic TV’s comes in different variants like HD, Full HD, 4K, 4K Ultra HD allowing the user with various options to choose. Compare to their earlier models the recent ones especially on the high end segment is definitely worth your money. A user who looks for high detailing on image quality and also looks for user friendly features can surely invest their money in this brand.


As on 2017 Dec 16th, total of 170 Panasonic TVs are available from Rs. 9269 to Rs. 299000.


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