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Micromax Led TV Price List in India:


Micromax is a company based in India known for affordable smartphones. Of late, Micromax has ventured into manufacturing of LED TVs also. They have maintained the affordability factor for LED TVs as well. But there is an opinion going around that the quality is not as good as that of Sony and Samsung LED TVs. But one has to consider the price difference here. After sales service is another point of contention where there is a perception that Micromax is not good at after sales support for its LED TVs. We do not know for sure if it is true, but we advise caution about this point before buying an LED TV from Micromax.


Micromax who ventured into the Indian market through low and mid level smart phone segment slowly forayed themselves into consumer electronics. Even though they are relatively new entrants to the TV market they have done their basics right. The biggest strength of Micromax is their rich catalogue, catering the needs of all customers.


Micromax has brought out many models of LED TVs starting from 24 inches up to 50 inches. 4K LED TVs are also available from the company. The full range includes HD, Full HD and Ultra HD TVs. 


Based on the picture quality Micromax TVs are available in HD, Full HD and 4K display configurations.. Broad price ranges for each of those are:


  • High Definition (HD): INR 8,145 – INR 16,500
  • Full High Definition (Full HD): INR 20,000 – INR 44,000
  • 4K or Ultra HD (UHD): INR 36,000 – INR 48,500


In the smart TV segment they have the Micromax Canvas Smart TV. The smart TV is Android OS compatible and it comes with features like data sharing from smart phone to TV through wi-fi. The smart phone doubles up as remote and the handy track pad serves as a virtual mouse on TV screen. Micromax Canvas Smart TV is exclusively available on a certain Online shop with attractive discounts. As the TV is available through online at the time of delivery they provide complimentary demos.


Micromax provide a standard 1 year warranty plus 2 years extended warranty. The buyer is spoilt for choice with low and mid segment models. It is the high end segment which has limited options for the buyer to choose from. If you are convinced with standard features in your TV and preferring to be cost conscious then Micromax will cater your needs.


No: of Micromax HD, Full HD, 4K and Smart LED TVs:


Micromax HD LED TV range starts from Rs. 8100.

Micromax Full HD LED TV range starts from Rs. 17990.

Micromax 4K LED TV range starts from Rs. 46900.

Micromax smart TV range starts from Rs. 19990.


Popular & Best Selling Micromax LED TVs:

Micromax TV Model



Micromax 43 inches Full HD LED TV L43T6950FHD Rs. 22990
Micromax 24 inches HD LED TV 24B600HDI Rs. 9080
Micromax 40 inches Full HD LED TV 40G8590FHD Rs. 20490
Micromax 20E8100HD 20 inch HD LED TV Rs. 8100
Micromax 43T4500FHD 43 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 22990
Micromax 32 Inches HD Direct LED TV 32B200 Rs. 13490
Micromax 50 inches Full HD LED TV 50C5220MHD Rs. 31839
Micromax 24 inches HD LED TV 24B600HD Rs. 10500
Micromax 40 inches Full HD LED TV 40C4500FHD Rs. 22999
Micromax 32 inches HD LED TV 32AIPS200HD Rs. 13390
Micromax 20 inches HD LED TV 20B22HD Rs. 8185<

Micromax 32 inches HD LED TV 32B8100MHD

Rs. 15590

Micromax 50 inches Full HD LED TV 50B6000FHD Rs. 41895
Micromax 43 inches Full HD LED TV 43A7200MHD Rs. 36000
Micromax 32 inches HD LED TV 32T7260HD Rs. 13200

Micromax 39 inches HD LED TV 40B200HD

Rs. 23817

Micromax 49 inches Full HD LED TV 50C5500FHD Rs. 35499
Micromax 32 inches HD LED TV 32B6300MHD Rs. 16000
Micromax 32 inches HD LED TV 32IPS900HD Rs. 14990
Micromax 32 inches HD LED TV 32T7250 Rs. 13290


 As of today, there are 113 Micromax LED TVs available in the price range of Rs. 8490/- to Rs. 60990/-.


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