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About LG LED TV:

LG continues to be amongst the top rated TV brands with its cutting-edge technology, beautiful looks, crisp sound and high picture quality. They are the brand leaders in the OLED segment. Bit for Samsung and Sony, no brand gives compete with LG in this segment. The viewing angles which are wider in this category offer a good TV viewing experience. The best thing about LG is the various options which they provide like Cinema Screen, 3D, Smart & basic LED TV which gives the buyer a larger spread to choose.


The high end segment of LG has 3 different offerings based on the picture quality. The price range of these are provided below:


  • OLED TV: INR 2,69,900 – INR 6,29,900
  • UHD 4K TV: INR 69,900 – INR 59,99,900
  • Super UHD 4K TV: INR 1,24,900 – INR 10,99,900


LG’s strength lies in their Smart TV offering. The WebOS platform has gone through few updates and currently the best of its kind. Baring a few low end LG TV’s almost all their models have WebOS as part of their offering. A buyer who is a big fan of WebOS and less particular about viewing angles then LG would be the best buy for them.


LG offers a 2 year Warranty for their TV. The first year would be a comprehensive warranty and the 2nd year will be an additional warranty on panel & module as per the terms and conditions offered in the warranty.


LG LED TVs in Different Price Ranges:

There are 10 LG LED TVs available under Rs. 12000, 24 below Rs 15000, 47 below Rs. 20000, 63 below Rs. 25000, and 79 LG LED TVs below Rs. 30000. If you go higher in the price range, there are 99 LED TVs from LG under Rs. 40000 and 105 under 50000.


Types of LG LED TVs:

Currently 7 LG OLED TVs are available in the price range of Rs. 206001 to Rs. 492871 where as 56 Lg 4K TVs are available between Rs. 46900 to Rs. 4999900. Also 91 LG LED TVs with Full HD Display are available in the price range of Rs. 10595 to Rs. 492871.


You can find a total of 253 LG LED TVs in the price range of Rs. 10072 to Rs. 4999900.


LG LED TV Price List in India

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