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Popular LED TV Price List

Name Price
VU 32 inches Smart Android HD LED TV 32K160M Rs. 11,249
TCL L32D2900 32 inches HD LED TV Rs. 12,599
Vu H40D321 39 inch Full HD TV Rs. 18,499
SANYO XT 32S7000H 32 inches HD LED TV Rs. 14,490
Vu T32S66 32 inch Smart HD TV Rs. 14,499
Samsung 32 inches HD LED TV 32J4003 Rs. 15,999
TCL L49D2900 49 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 26,990
TCL L43P2US 43 inch 4K Ultra HD TV Rs. 38,999
BPL BPL080A36SHJ 32 inch Smart HD TV Rs. 16,290
Vu LEDN50K310X3D 2017 50 inch 4k Ultra HD Smart TV Rs. 42,499
CloudWalker CLOUD TV 32SH 32 inch Smart HD TV Rs. 12,599
BPL BPL109F2010J 43 inch Full HD TV Rs. 28,490
Samsung 49M6300 49 inch Smart Full HD TV Rs. 77,028
Intex Avoir splash plus 32 inch HD TV Rs. 11,699
Micromax 43A9181FHD 43 inch FULL HD TV Rs. 23,499


LED TVs: Redefining the Concept of Entertainment

Unlike the standard LCD panels with CCFL lighting support, LED TVs offer better picture quality owing to the exhaustive array of Light Emitting Diodes. However, selecting an LED TV isn’t the easiest as we have multiple price points, brand names and internal metrics to take care of. Here is how you can select the best LED TV for your home or office requirements:


Display and Interface in LED TV:

For starters, the screen-size is just a number as one can choose from a range of 15-100 inches— based on preferences. However, if you are looking for something that would look good in a living room, we would suggest devices in the region of 55 to 65 inches. In terms of resolution, we advise going for at least an IPS 1080p panel even though HD ready screens are also available. Apart from these options, we can also choose 4K resolution but the pricing is expected to skyrocket. While Full HD is a pretty good mark for modern day televisions, 4K resolution is a good investment and future proofs your living room as it also comes with the flexibility of HDR. Lastly, if you are into streaming, online content viewing and even platform based operability— a Smart LED TV can be a great buy.


Ports and Connectivity options in LED TV:

Our tip is to look out for the number of HDMI and USB ports on the concerned LED TV with more being better. Be it adding Chromecast, sound bar or a gaming console— these ports can get used up quite quickly. Go for at least 4 HDMI ports and a generous number of USB outputs. If you are a 4K shopper, do look for HDCP compatibility. Apart from the basic connections, look for Wireless compatibility, web browsing support and the availability of a headphone jack.


Audio options in LED TV:

Most LED televisions offer reasonable acoustics courtesy channel speakers, preferably two of them. Look for a cumulative audio output of 16-40 watts, depending upon an entry-level or a high-end television. Some devices come with Dolby and DTS audio technology but the speaker placements are also important. Other acoustic technologies can also be looked at including virtual surround and SRS Theater sound support.


Video options in LED TV:

Most of the LED televisions offer noise reduction and even dot noise reduction in some cases. In usual cases, opt for televisions which offer higher refresh rates at least more than 60Hz. Most high-end televisions exhibit 120Hz refresh rates which is actually a pretty good number. Contrast ratio on the other hand is an unreliable metric but premium models of LED TV boast of something in the range of 4000:1. 


Why you should buy LED TV?

Currently LED technology is the most popular one in the making of all advanced Televisions. Compared to Plasma and LCD technology, LED gives the best viewing experience in terms of colour saturation, brightnes, contrast and viewing angles. It is the most energy saving type as well. Almost all the leadiing brands churn out LED TVs now.


Display Quality in LED TVs:

Various brands have brought lots of improvements in the display quality. The HD quality comprising of 720p (1280 × 720 pixels) is the basic model. Full HD display is of 1080p or 1920 × 1080 progressive scan and the latest improvement is 4K or UHD with 3840 × 2160 resolution as well as 8K UHD resolution, which is not yet popular due to its high cost. 4K TVs are become affordable now and are becoming popular choice. In addition to this, Sony has Triluminos display which enhanced quality. Samsung has brought out the Curved LED display as well as the latest SUHD display which boasts of features like Nano crystal color and Peak Illuminator ultimate.



LED TVs have replaced LCD TVs and have become the popular choice for TVs across the house holds in India. main reason is the clarity of the images and movies it offers combined with the savings in electricity it brings. Affordability is another factor.


Popular Brands in LED TV:

Sony is the most popular brand for TVs in general and LED TVs in particular, but Sony TVs are expensive and hence affordable to a very limited section of people. Next popular brand is Samsung with a wide array of LED TV models which comprises of HD, Full HD, UHD and SUHD display types. Third popular in LED TVs is LG followed by Panasonic, Philips and home grown brands like Micromax, Intex, BPL etc. We have the best selection of LED TVs regardless of the brand name. Be it the sought after names like Samsung, LG and Panasonic or the new entrants like BPL, Vu, Intex, Micromax, LeEco or Mitashi, we have gadgets corresponding to each and every brand.


Price range of LED TVs:

In terms of pricing, one can go as low as 10K or even beyond the 100K mark— depending upon the array of specifications. You can see all the LED TVs in all different price ranges in our popular webpage dedicated for LED TV.


Other Features:

Some users might also look for a few exclusive features on televisions, including 4K display LED TVS, Curved Panels, Android operating platforms, 3D displays— mostly seen of premium devices. But we have listed them as well with best deals accompanied.


LED TVs listed Brand Wise:

As of now LG with 221 LED TVs has the maximum number of listed TVs followed by Samsung with 172 TVs which is again followed by Panasonic which has 114 LED TVs. Sony is represented by 107 TVs in this list and Micromax with 91 and Videocon  with 80 LED TVs adds to the variety to this list. Onida has 75, Philips has 68, Sansui has 56, Haier has 53, Vu has 47, Intex has 46, Lloyd has 42, Toshiba has 41, Mitashi has 39 and Noble has 26 LED TVs respectively. New entrants like BPL, Sanyo also have quality LED TVs which are listed here. 


We have listed all LED TVs available in India in this page with best prices. Currently 2307 LED TVs are available in the Price Range of Rs. 4990 to Rs. 4999900. You can find LED TVs from SonySamsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Vu, Micromax, Philips, Mitashi, Videocon and other popular brands.  

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